Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October 14

Dear Family,
  I am happy to announce that you all have seen more snow this year than I have!!! I'm just enjoying the balmy weather here in Turku. Thanks to the sea and islands right by us. Someone explained why Turku is warmer...something to do with all the water...but that makes no sense to me. Either way, Turku is definitely a blessed place. I love the people here. We just got done with the musical "Joseph and the Technicolor Dream coat". It turned out to be huge. All the members were good about inviting lots of people and we had a lot of investigators and non-members attend. It was fun to see all the talent here as well.
   This week I had another opportunity to eat fish. I am determined to learn to like it. But dad your genes are sure making that tough!! Also, how do you go about eating it without getting all the little bones in your mouth and "casually" spitting them out? It's a fun challenge. That family is so great. I wish I understood more Finnish but what I do catch they are hilarious. Such strong testimonies as well.
  Yesterday my companion and I were teaching Sunday school and the lesson was on Eternal Marriage. One brother who has a sail boat and loves sailing commented after testifying that his 40 years of marriage are the best experiences in his life that "Marriage is like sailing--some days are sunny, nice wind, and sometimes we have storms". No one gets by easy. It was a fun lesson, and even more fun to teach to investigators learning things for the first time.
   Sunday morning during our studies my companion and I found out that we were supposed to make something sweet for an activity that night. Our options were quite limited but we decided on banana bread...only problem was we didn't have any sugar. So what do you think we did? What a Mormon American would do. Borrowed from the neighbors :) It was a good excuse to talk to one of our neighbors (and learn more vocabulary). Only other problem...sugar cubes are not the same as baking sugar. Don't worry we got creative and made it work and the banana bread tasted good :)

Love Sisar Heggie

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