Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24, 2014

. . .  I've been out for 8.even weirder. The time goes by too fast. I took lots of pictures this week to accurately document my move to Oulu, but unfortunately I forgot my camera today. I have lots of pictures to send you. One of our investigators painted my face like an avatar the last night in Turku. It actually looked pretty cool! She told me I reminded her of an avatar so I made her a deal before I left. We had a lot of fun. My new companion is from Norway. She is so great! It's amazing how the Lord knows us better than we know ourselves. She is so much fun to work with, I can't explain it.

Oulu is way different than Turku and I'm excited for things to happen here. I've learned a lot this week and I'm excited for this transfer!  . . .  It snowed here. I haven't wrecked on my bike even once yet :) I’m pretty proud of that.  We'll see how the rest of my mission goes!  Every sister seems to have a good bike wreck story. I hope to be the only one to make it out without one! I love teaching if I haven't mentioned. Which I realize is a huge blessing. I remember the first weeks in the MTC being in awe at how to even start teaching. Now I love it. The gospel ties to everything! I hope you are doing great! I love you all, tell everyone hello. Have a wonderful week!

Rakkaudella, Sisar Heggie

Saturday, February 22, 2014

February 17, 2014

Dear Family,

I'm not sure if I am ever going to be able leave these people to come back home! I am leaving Turku and going to Oulu and it's so hard to leave the people I have grown to love so much! Sometimes I feel like it's not possible to learn to love any more people but I know it will happen when I go to Oulu. I'm excited for the adventures and people that await me in the North :) luckily i spent the coldest part of the winter in the warmest city so we'll see how the weather is! Oulu is smaller than Turku, just one ward but there are 7 missionaries there. Whoa! Oulu feels right.  I wanted to serve there sometime and now i get to! I used my vacuum packing bags to pack. That was a genius idea mom.

. . . Sorry for the short email last week. Life gets crazy but just know that I love you all :)

Tras  . . .I'm way proud of you, you are brave! What a blessing you have all these opportunities! Keep your mind open. We have a crazy day today getting ready for transfers so it is going to be another short email. I'll try to send some pictures :)

Rakkaudella, Sisar Heggie

February 10, 2014

We're making Café Rio this week! could be my last week in Turku, I'll find out this weekend. My companion's birthday is today, she turned 20 how crazy is that! no longer a teenager. lots of stuff planned this week, hope you have a great trip! love you!

Rakkaudella, Sisar Heggie

Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3, 2014

This week we had our Daughter of a King night that we have been organizing. We involved as many people as we could with it. We made handouts with a part member family(mom took her papers out of the church) and when we were there she bore powerful testimony of prayer and the power of the Holy Ghost. We had our recent convert share her testimony of baptism, a former investigator (wife to a member) bear testimony of the power of priesthood blessings. Another member who is preparing to go to the temple with her husband talk about priesthood/baby blessings. It turned out to be very successful and 2 of our investigators were able to have a special experience with the Spirit. It's amazing to see what the Lord can do when we are willing to listen to the spirit. We truly were inspired with this idea and ways we could involve our friends. The picture I sent is Me and my comp (Sisar Schellenberg) with a new convert and friends who we are teaching. Love them to death. I just got new tennis shoes. My old ones are officially worn through to my socks :) It has been a great week! We went back to one of our investigators who we decided to put in the Lord's hands for awhile and she is interested in learning again. We are way excited about that.

. . . . . Dad you asked about what I eat. I remember getting here and thinking that everything was really plain and simple. It's normal to me now though. Nothing really weird. Reindeer maybe :) don't worry it wasn't rudolph. I have not been transferred so far but I'll let you know if it happens;)  we have change calls in a couple of weeks. I'll be really sad to leave this area but I know the Lord is the head of this work and he puts us where he needs us when he needs us. How exciting for Dolezal's! a little bitter sweet probably but good. super bowl sounds like a sad game. they beat them almost as bad as we beat our Juniors in powderpuff senior year! they must have had some good trick plays. (We know it is still Chelsie!!) 

Congratulations to Harley and Cade!!! How is Harley doing? I just know this is a miracle after all the things doctors have told her up to this point that she has a healthy baby and hopefully they are both doing well. Good for them.
. . . . .
I love you all and hope you are having a great week! Have fun on your cruise and be safe! Dad don't try your hand in swimming in the middle of the ocean.

Rakkaudella, Sisar Heggie
January 27, 2014

Tras it sounds like you had a wonderful senior presentation! You had some really fun ideas to get your judges involved. Very well thought out and creative. Keep up the hard work. Sounds like you are staying busy between babysitting and basketball and school and seminary! how is personal progress? :) how are things going with colleges and volleyball and whatnot? It is a different lifestyle once you get out of high school, but you have been raised in a good home, you have a good head on your shoulders, and you have a Heavenly Father who loves you and is very aware of all the changes in your life. You will be fine :) Prioritize what is important and everything will fall in line. Keep it up.

Dad thanks for the weather update! Not sure I quite got the bike joke...but yes, i do like riding a bike. It might be a problem though how entertaining i find it to watch my companion ride her bike that is too tall for her. And then add ice to the sidewalk. To say the least we have cut back on our biking miles. It did get cold, but I have not used birtha yet :) my comp was laughing and put it on, i still need to send you that picture. it goes to her feet. How is buck doing? what was he doing that he got hurt?
. . .
We haven't had a chance to go back out to that area last week but we are going tomorrow to a less active family so hopefully we can get in contact with that man again. The daughters of a king night that we have been planning is happening tomorrow so we are excited for that. Hopefully it goes well.

When are you leaving on your cruise? That's coming up pretty soon isn't it? Dad have you learned to swim yet? ;)

The gospel is true. Heavenly Father has promised infinite blessings to those who will follow Christ. I love you all, have a great week!

Sisar Heggie