Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3, 2014

This week we had our Daughter of a King night that we have been organizing. We involved as many people as we could with it. We made handouts with a part member family(mom took her papers out of the church) and when we were there she bore powerful testimony of prayer and the power of the Holy Ghost. We had our recent convert share her testimony of baptism, a former investigator (wife to a member) bear testimony of the power of priesthood blessings. Another member who is preparing to go to the temple with her husband talk about priesthood/baby blessings. It turned out to be very successful and 2 of our investigators were able to have a special experience with the Spirit. It's amazing to see what the Lord can do when we are willing to listen to the spirit. We truly were inspired with this idea and ways we could involve our friends. The picture I sent is Me and my comp (Sisar Schellenberg) with a new convert and friends who we are teaching. Love them to death. I just got new tennis shoes. My old ones are officially worn through to my socks :) It has been a great week! We went back to one of our investigators who we decided to put in the Lord's hands for awhile and she is interested in learning again. We are way excited about that.

. . . . . Dad you asked about what I eat. I remember getting here and thinking that everything was really plain and simple. It's normal to me now though. Nothing really weird. Reindeer maybe :) don't worry it wasn't rudolph. I have not been transferred so far but I'll let you know if it happens;)  we have change calls in a couple of weeks. I'll be really sad to leave this area but I know the Lord is the head of this work and he puts us where he needs us when he needs us. How exciting for Dolezal's! a little bitter sweet probably but good. super bowl sounds like a sad game. they beat them almost as bad as we beat our Juniors in powderpuff senior year! they must have had some good trick plays. (We know it is still Chelsie!!) 

Congratulations to Harley and Cade!!! How is Harley doing? I just know this is a miracle after all the things doctors have told her up to this point that she has a healthy baby and hopefully they are both doing well. Good for them.
. . . . .
I love you all and hope you are having a great week! Have fun on your cruise and be safe! Dad don't try your hand in swimming in the middle of the ocean.

Rakkaudella, Sisar Heggie

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