Saturday, February 22, 2014

February 17, 2014

Dear Family,

I'm not sure if I am ever going to be able leave these people to come back home! I am leaving Turku and going to Oulu and it's so hard to leave the people I have grown to love so much! Sometimes I feel like it's not possible to learn to love any more people but I know it will happen when I go to Oulu. I'm excited for the adventures and people that await me in the North :) luckily i spent the coldest part of the winter in the warmest city so we'll see how the weather is! Oulu is smaller than Turku, just one ward but there are 7 missionaries there. Whoa! Oulu feels right.  I wanted to serve there sometime and now i get to! I used my vacuum packing bags to pack. That was a genius idea mom.

. . . Sorry for the short email last week. Life gets crazy but just know that I love you all :)

Tras  . . .I'm way proud of you, you are brave! What a blessing you have all these opportunities! Keep your mind open. We have a crazy day today getting ready for transfers so it is going to be another short email. I'll try to send some pictures :)

Rakkaudella, Sisar Heggie

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