Thursday, November 14, 2013

November 11, 2013

Another great week here in Turku. The days are getting shorter it will be weird to see how it is on the shortest day of the year! It's cooling off but still hasn't snowed. There have been a couple nights where my companion thought it was pretty cold but luckily I haven't felt too chilled. I think heavenly Father is blessing me with thick skin.

Dad sounds like Kaylee gave a great talk in church. I always enjoyed when she bore her testimony at girls camp or in sacrament meeting. I have looked up to her ever since I heard her bear her testimony the night she received her young women’s medallion. She is a rock star. Reno is blessed to have her.

Mom I think Kambrie might just like you. I want to see a picture of that spoiled little girl and her new red shoes. Hey maybe you could find her a nice black coat to match mine ;)  Weird to think you have no more Ladycat volleyball players! We have had a Heggie on that court since 2004!

The girl we did an activity with..not sure who you are referring to but We had a young girls get baptized. She was so excited she couldn't sit still. It was way fun to see. . . . The guy at the wrong bus stop hasn't been able to meet but we have been in contact with him a lot. he is excited to talk with us.

Not a lot of news. We talked about the importance of creativity in mission work. people don't respond to the same things they have always heard. Service. Creativity. Really showing that we care and taking the time to do that. Hope you have a great week! Love you
sisar heggie
November 3, 2013

            Sounds like things are busy back home on the range!! . . . Speaking of, we taught Relief Society this Sunday and that was fun. Scary but fun. It's a different dynamic than teaching the 10 people investigator class.
             Fortunately I still haven't seen snow! Daylight savings was a little weird at first but I think we are used to it. It gets dark around 5 ish maybe? Not crazy yet. I'm telling you, Turku is the best! . . . . . .Amazingly enough Halloween isn't a huge thing here! It's weird because they are always having some kind of party for this or that. Seams like any opportunity they get they throw a party so I was surprised I didn't see a lot of people out on Halloween. Maybe us sister missionaries were asleep before the parties began :)
             The ward I am working in right now has about 215 people and is part of a stake but there are 2 districts up north, we are the only stake.
. . . . . . .
              Well it's been a very busy and exciting week! I will send pictures next week! Love you all, have a great week.  Sisar Heggie