Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 10, 2014

It's been a beautiful week. Sunny with a little bit of rain every day to keep things cool. Somehow it always works out that we never get caught in a rainstorm. Tender mercies :) 

We had a great week. We met a girl on Thursday on the bus, had a teach with her and she came to church yesterday and loved it. My comp and I sang a musical number and a friend of one of the members played for us. it went really well, the ward liked it. I was sitting next to our friend and starting to worry if the meeting was getting to long for her then remembered to just trust the Spirit and prayed she would feel it. At the end of the meeting she said she really liked it. she was nervous at first to come but said that for some reason she felt comfortable there. Sacrament meeting is a special place, and we were glad she came. at the end she asked if she could come again:) 

We met a friend this week whom we introduced the Book of Mormon to. It was a good lesson but the next day he sent a text saying he didn't think religion was his thing. we asked if we could meet one last time before he gave it back and he agreed. we had a good discussion with him and talked about the blessings of the gospel of Jesus Christ and instead of him giving the Book of Mormon back at the end he agreed to be baptized when he gets an answer. The spirit is amazing. 

It's been great to notice the blessings of praying always as we have really focused on it this week. 

You have had a fun packed week! Good that everyone had plenty of opportunity to brand and move cows and what not. Cool that Abbie and Miguel blessed McCray, how are they doing? How long does Annie get to stay? sounds fun. 

Trasie! send pictures. congrats! life is thrilling. i hope you have some fun activities coming up for YSA:) 

ha there's a little girl here about Kambrie's age (also always refers to her mom by her first name) and whenever she says something i just imagine that Kambrie is that old and can say whatever she feels as well! weird! hopefully the siding goes well. football camps and practices coming up sounds like!

Love you all, thanks for the emails. hope you have a wonderful week!

rakkaudella, sisar heggie

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