Sunday, August 11, 2013

August 8, 2013


. . .It is true, friendships are the start, good to hear the goals of their branch. I really like what Dianne Hanson said to Aaron "Just go out and make friends". . . .I was telling my companion that being on the MTC west campus is a lot like growing up in a small town. You know everyone and everyone knows you and we're all friends.

We started "Consecration Week" last night.  We won't be speaking any English until next Wednesday night and we all chose things we could consecrate to help us be especially focused this week and show the Lord our dedication. We did 3 days in a row last week of "SYL" speak your language days and that was pretty tough. It's humbling and really makes me put my faith in and rely on the Lord.

I love this gospel. It is the only source of true happiness. The gospel is simple. Follow Christ and you will be happy. Endure to the end. Like my teacher Veli Christiansen said "The Plan of Salvation is progressive, and if you do it right it just keeps getting better" He was a great missionary and now is a great teacher.  He is getting married in 2 weeks and is an example of the progression Heavenly Father intends us to make while we are here. The Savior lives. He atoned for all of us. He loves us. The Book of Mormon is true. This is the true gospel of Jesus Christ, restored through Joseph Smith.

Study your scriptrures, pray, go to church. Do the small things. Do the big things. Go to the temple. Serve. Strive to be more like Christ. I love chapter 6 in PMG which is the attributes of Christ section. Attaining all those attributes is a challenging balancing act. It comes bit by bit.

I love you all. . . .  Have a great week!!

Rakkaudella, Sisar Heggie

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