Sunday, July 13, 2014

July 7, 2014

dad i had to laugh after seeing you had "signed off" mid-sentence. My companions got a good laugh when i explained your skill of being able to fall asleep anywhere...including the driver seat! But good to hear you had a relaxing day. You don't get many either so I'm glad you enjoyed it. The 4th of July is great! Fun that you had all those friends over for a bbq! Have fun at camp Helaman. are they letting you take a horse with you?

. . . . .. I bet Mo didn't know what to do with herself this summer without planning out girls camp! What a blessing she has been to so many of us.
Tras good to hear that your phone answering skills are just sky rocketing! aren't you glad we gave you all that opportunity when you were younger to answer the home phone? It's paying off:) You must be enjoying going to work and getting off and not having any homework! You said awhile ago that you signed your housing contract. do you know your roommates? ha i bet smith will get a good laugh when she gets back. funny how you STILL haven't sent me any pictures!! remember how you graduated? and how you have a sister who loves you very very much and would love to see pictures of that very monumental day? oh yeah, i remember :) I'll be accepting emails starting today! love you:)
it's been a good week. lots of laughing. we had a guy on the tram comment how it isn't fair for a church to send out beautiful young women to teach people and went on to tell us how we are weapons of mass destruction. my companions and I got a good laugh out of that. 
We met a family from georgia who is here for the summer while we were on our way home one night. they were in a hurry to the train station but told us to stop by their house whenever and told us which house is theirs (then we really knew they were american). we went by last night and they are a lot of fun. we're excited to see where this will go! we found our her grandma is a member as well. so
funny how amercan and finnish cultures are so different!
the other day we were on  a train to a meeting and i was talking to a guy who wasn't interested in learning about the gospel (yet). We had a nice conversation but as i was getting off for my stop a lady who was sitting across the row stopped me and asked if that was a Book of Mormon that I had in my hand. She asked if we could exchange information and we got each others numbers before i got off. I found out later that she knew a member family in Norway and they are really nice people and have an "ideal family". because of their example she wants to learn about the Book of Mormon. People notice us. This is the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Lord blesses us when we live according to His word. He loves us. He has given us the Book of Mormon as a guide and testimony. He blesses us. I love my Heavenly Father. I am grateful to be a missionary. I love you all and hope you have a great week! Remember the examples you are to those around you!

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