Sunday, July 13, 2014

June 30, 2014

You all have had a very exciting week!!! Lot's of news all in one email! Mom congratulations on the calling! you are going to be a great seminary teacher for those kids. How grateful I am for my seminary teachers who always put up with us. I don't rememeber each individual lesson they taught but as a whole I look back and see how valuable my learning was in that key time of my life. Plus it was always a bonus to have a surprise treat here and there, remember that part ;)
We got to go the temple this week, which is really exciting because it has been awhile. I think it makes me appreciate it more. 
The new area is great. It has been a very crazy week but i love it. we had an extra companion with us most of the week until saturday which made it 4 people staying in our apartment. That was a lot of fun and i learned a lot from the sister that was with us for a bit. we still have laughing fits when we quote her. I am excited to get to know a new set of people. and it's always fun to see and area grow and help get things going. 
A couple of my friends from Turku surpirsed me by showing up in our ward here in Espoo this week. I haven't seen them since february so that was really exciting.  We were going to get ice cream on my year mark but it was rainy so all the street vendors were closed :( that's alright, i'm sure we'll find another one ;)
Trasie hahahaha your story was hilarious. I really hope everyone got a kick out of that hahahaha your life sounds pretty exciting. glad you're getting a good laugh.  Good job on your young women's medallion!  and speaking in your singles ward! that is still weird for me. 
let me just say again how much i love doing missionary work.  I love missionary work so much! it is so awesome to see how the spirit changes people. it is a physical change. I am so grateful for this gospel. I am so grateful for a loving, living Heavenly Father who blesses us daily and communicates with us daily when we let him. Thank you all so much for your love and support. Have a great week!!
rakkaudella, sisar heggie

lovely licence plate :)

 one of the sculptures from the sand castle in Lappeenranta
"sand castle" morning runs   (now my new apartment is within a 10 minute run from the temple)

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