Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September 1, 2014

I love my family. It's so good to hear from you all.
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Good to hear seminary went well.  It changes lives. Did an object lesson with one of our friends from an object lesson that stuck with me since seminary. It sticks. Even if they are laying their heads on the desk sleeping, or chatting, or being teenagers. 

Saw a mom yesterday searching for her lost 9 year old. We got her number to call if we found him while we were out. Talked to her later and everything was fine and they found him.  Sisar Nielsen and I talked about how important the gift of the Holy Ghost is, especially in parenting. Don’t know how people do it without. 

We were talking last week that we missed root beer and root beer floats. They don't have root beer here, or so we thought. We were at a da with a family yesterday and I asked what kind of juice it was so they told me to try it. I was so surprised when it was root beer! I got excited and told sis Nielsen to try it. We were ecstatic. The family was cracking up at how excited we were. Then they brought out the ice cream so we could make floats. Fun to be with families. I love it. 

Good to hear that the hay is all up, and that you got some rain even if it did take cutting it before the rain came. Exciting for brain and Annie! Kansas is a good place for them I guess! 

It was really fun this week we were teaching a family and we sang "families can be together forever" and one of the little girls just loves songs and said "My family will be together forever" at the end of the song. What better motivation than the faith and hope of a 6 year old to help a family accept the blessings of eternity? The light of Christ in children is so strong. 

Oh cool news. There have been lots of articles about missionaries recently in Finland and one magazine reporter caught wind and we were asked if she could write an article about us. She came with us to appointments for a day and wrote a nice article. It came out last week which is way cool. It is in a woman’s article with over 100,000 readers so it was fun yesterday when I was talking with a woman on the train when she casually commented "I read your article, it was nice!" ha cool to see ways the church is being spread. The church is true! I love it! It makes us so happy. Have a great week! Love you

Rakkaudella, sisar heggie

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