Sunday, October 19, 2014

October 13, 2014

 . . . . . There is a guy that just moved into our ward, from Finland, that served in the Vegas mission and has been in Ely a few times. That was exciting! No one knows where Ely is!  It sounds like you all had a very busy Sunday! and successful. good to hear.  How old is Nathaniel? Do they still have the Nichols kids? 

Congrats to the football team! Surprise to hear that seniors didn't win the macho man as well! Homecoming is an exciting week. 

There is a couple working at the temple here from Alberta, one of their sons just got married so they went home for a couple of weeks while the temple was closed for the wedding. Funny to talk with them last night and say that it's thanksgiving. 

I remember standing at the Herder's house after her open house before she left and thinking I wasn't actually ever going to leave. Now she is almost home! 

This week has been a ton of fun. Yesterday we left an appointment with a family running down the street to catch the bus while the mom walked out to make sure we caught it. We were laughing so hard as we were sprinting to the bus stop in our boots and skirts and we got there in time and starting talking to a lady that had watched the whole event. We were talking to her on the bus when a couple other people got on and we started talking with them. It was fun because 2 were from Finland, 2 from America and one from Chile so the conversation was in Finnish and English. There were 5 complete strangers all chatting and it was so much fun! Said who Finns are shy? 

Earlier this week we taught one of our friends how to pray, a completely new concept to her. She felt the spirit really strong in our family home evening lesson we had at a member’s house. She tried praying and told us about her experiences. She prayed before she left for school asking why it was so dark and cloudy. The rest of the day was sunshine. She had a headache after school and was thinking about what she could do. She prayed and a few minutes later her headache went away. She got home that night and was really cold, so lit a couple candles and plugged in an electric blanket and blew the fuse. Couldn’t figure out how to fix it and decided to go to sleep and fix it in the morning. before she went to sleep she prayed and was slightly upset knowing that God could fix it if He wanted to so she prayed "I am here alone and cold in the dark, why have you left me alone in the dark" and she said that even though she was upset she got a distinct sentence in her head to the effect of "You aren't alone, I have at least given you candles to give you light." then it was cool to see how she recognized that as an answer from God and applied it to more than just that situation where the lights in her room had gone out. 

We watched the last session of conference this week. Great talks. Elder Bednar's address to non-members was fantastic. Now what will we do with the things we have learned the next 6 months before the next conference? 

It’s been a good week. Got a good email from Tras. 

Thanks for figuring out the housing. Sounds good :) 

Have a great week! Love you!

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