Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September 29, 2014

 . . .  this week I have tried an array of foods! benefits of having friends from all over the world! Tried some Taiwanese food, Vietnamese food, and next week we will learn how to make Indian food! Tough luck for the football team. the biggest battle seems to stay mentally tough and positive after that. what is the story of the guy that was told to push the rock and he tried his hardest for a long time and it never budged then reported back that "what was the point? the rock never moved!" but in the end made him stronger? It's like that. Good to hear you are getting lots of rain! Congrats to Shad and Kim! Busy time of year to have a wedding!
 . . .
We had a fun week. It's hard to write detailed emails without using names of people and whatnot :) I'll be excited to just show pictures and tell stories when I am home. This week we had FHE with the family of the mom that just got baptized. We played hot and cold for our game. It was the mom's turn to find the object so she went out of the room. The oldest daughter is 6 and thought it would be clever to hide it in her pocket. As soon as her mom walked in the room she unconsciously covered her pocket. Her mom picked up on her body language immediately and walked straight to her and found it! Mother knows everything :) You can't hide anything from her! Her mom made a similar comment. Later that week while we were there we were watching as her youngest daughter who just turned one was practicing walking. It reminded me of Kambrie and Anbri and even though I'm missing their cool new tricks I am so blessed to be here and know my friends here. They feel like family.

Remember the etch-a-sketch you sent me in the MTC? I used it for the first time in a lesson to explain the atonement and repentance as we make marks on our clean slate but can continuously wash it clean. It was powerful. Thanks for sending that.

It was way fun this week. We had a lesson with a guy and hadn't been able to find a member to come with us, but one of our other friends lives close by him. We asked her what she was doing and if she would come to the lesson with us:) We had to have a woman come with us or we wouldn't be able to teach. The lesson prep went like this. "Remeber how we taught you about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon a couple days ago?" "Yeah!" "Ok we're going to teach him about that" "OK!" and in the lesson she even testified about the Book of Mormon!! It was so cool!! The Lord is leading us to such prepared people and the ward is amazing at becoming their friends. Missionary work really can't move forward until the ward is ready.

I am SO excited for conference this week! Because of the time change we haven't seen the broadcast yet. they will show it this Saturday afternoon. I am excited. When Elder Bednar was here he taught how we can prepare for conference by choosing a topic we want to learn about then studying it out before, and every talk given at conference will be about that topic and we will feel as if the speaker is speaking to US. What a blessing we have to listen to a living prophet! and be guided by leaders chosen by Jesus Christ. I hope you have a great week! Love you

Rakkaudella, Sisar Heggie

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