Tuesday, October 7, 2014

October 6, 2014

Dear Family!
What an amazing conference!! the church is so true! and so worldwide. i love the talks with church leaders speaking in their native tongues. I have not seen the last session of conference yet but to answer your question of if I noticed a theme, yes!  The first session it struck out to me how strength in the church does not come from numbers but from individuals. we each need to have solid foundations and help those around us once we ourselves have become converted. the second session stuck out to me with how big a problem anti material is to members of the church. Elder Bednar also mentioned it when he was here with us in Finland. Those who allow half truths to destroy the testimony they had never were converted. We need to pray and study and work until we are converted, not relying on others. Reminds me of Elder Holland's "doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith". Then the third session had a definite theme of the blessings of a modern prophet. He is just a man, but a man called of God to fulfill a very divine purpose. A prophet of God speaks to us today, are we aware of what he speaks?

I thought the closing prayer of the first session was nice, a blessing of peace on the families of all the missionaries. I hope you know how happy I am here. I love the people here. I love being a full time missionary. I love the gospel. I hope my small boat of a testimony is becoming a ship able to bare the storms of the sea. I love the scriptures. Mom I hope you challenge your seminary students to take Elder Neil L Andersen's challenge to share their testimony or favorite scripture. so much is learned in trying to voice the feelings of gratitude and love for God and our Savior. "More testimonies have been found in standing up trying to share it than kneeling down praying for it".

Sounds like the funeral was a peaceful and comforting ceremony. the gospel offers a perspective of peace that cannot be found anywhere else.

Sounds like we will both be speaking in church on the same day! I’m sure it will go great, I would love to hear what you speak about. They didn't give me a topic so I'm still putting it together.  I was struck by what Elder Bednar taught when he was here, that we shouldn't go off of a written script but study our topic and prepare so that we speak by the spirit to the needs of our audience. It takes more preparation this way but the way he asked that we give talks for the rest of our lives. Give the spirit more room to teach and to edify.

. . .

I love you:) thanks for your love and support. Have a good week. Take care :)

rakkaudella, sisar heggie

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