Friday, July 12, 2013

July 11, 2013 (MTC)

Friendshipping is so great. I don't know if this is blasphemy or not but I have a testimony of friendshipping. It builds testimonies and plants them. I love Bob and Carolyn glad you bbqed with them. I got to watch the fireworks here so that was fun. Almost the same as g town...but different :)

This week has been awesome. we have devotional every week and it is always so motivational. This week was a lot about obedience and prayer. I learned a ton and we set some new district goals. We put them in place the next day and it has been awesome. The Lord is helping us all of the time, ask and ye shall receive. He isn't joking when He says that so listen up. I was able to memorize my purpose as a missionary in Finnish this week so that was a lot of fun. we have prayer and scripture study with our family every night and it is so amazing. I would describe it as Zion. We see district's around us who struggle with unity and love but despite our differences we are such a tight unit. I love everyone in our district despite their quirks. You can really feel the Savior's love for people. I don't even really know them but I care about them so much. i care about the people in Finland so much. I want them to be happy, to know their savior, to see the light of the gospel.

The investigators we teach are return missionaries or people from Finland and we teach our teachers as investigators as well. I haven't ever been a huge role play girl in a sense of acting in any sort of way but it is such a blessing. When we pray for our investigators and their needs we receive the direction we need to take our lessons. We take it serious, our teachers take it serious, and the Lord takes is serious to allow us this opportunity to teach. I learn so much about teaching and caring about people every day. Choose a characteristic of Christ out of preach my gospel to work on this week and set a goal to become better at it. Patience, love, faith, etc. look for them.

Hmm alpaca Duvet hahaha I'm just picturing this giant furball thing ahaha but if it will be warm then yes send it, I will make room :) everyone knows how much I love being cold (about as much as dad does) I have a reputation of a Heggie already in my apartment. We turn the ac off for me and you're pulling a Heggie if you put on your sweats.

Dad, I love your questions. please don't appologize for asking. but if I don't answer just ask again. The alphabet isn't too bad only 3 new letters. I love you all, have a good week!

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