Thursday, July 11, 2013

See how this goes!

Clip from Chelsie's emails


Ha the language is great. One of the girls was wondering what "puu" meant and the word for "it is" is "on so the teacher replied enthusiastically "Puu on tree" and didn't realize how it sounded until afterwards. We still laugh about it. Poo on tree!
Our lesson yesterday went well. We are doing better about taking limited notes in to our lesson. When we were teaching yesterday my companion was explaining how Christ was baptized even though he had not sin. She accidentally used the word syy for sin instead of synti. Syy means reason. so we told our investigator that Christ had no reason! oops. And the Lord still lets us teach. We are hoping Esko excused our bad suomi and took it as Christ had no reason to be baptized but he did it to fulfill all righteousness anyway...haha and the stories will continue I am sure!
The West Campus is still working on getting things worked out, the cafeteria should be finished in 2 weeks so that will be really nice. For now we're making due with our little club house cafeteria get up. Meals are a lot of fun. I have such a fun district. We started doing "family dinner" with the whole district so we would sit 9 people at 1 little table and get to know each other better. That was such a hoot now we have our "cousins" or people from the other district in our zone joining our family dinner. Everyone adds in their 2 bits and basically we get to laugh the whole time. Our teachers are great, one of them just got engaged (Veli Christiansen) so that is super exciting for him. It's funny sometimes he reminds me of Brian. Very good teacher and very particular about grammar and missionary work. Very driven but keeps to himself. He got engaged on a Friday and we didn't find out until the next Wednesday! I guess if it were Brian status we propably wouldn't ever fine out. He's warming up to us though. Our other teacher, Veli Boyer is great. Super patient and way smart. He helped write our grammar book.
You asked if they let us speak in English. Not sure if you meant at the MTC or in Finland. Yes we speak English the majority of the time excpet for on SYL (speak your language) days. We have had 2 so far and tomorrow we will have another SYL day. It's fun and frustrating at the same time because you get to use what you learn but you also realize how much you have left to learn. I'm gettting a small grasp on the language. The gift of tongues is real and it's the only way I have learned as much as I have so far.
It's been a lot of fun to teach lessons. Teaching is the only way to get better at teaching. We do a lot of role plays. We taught one investigator last week (Rai) in Suomi (finnish) and this week we have been working with Esko. There is so much we want to teach all at once but it's important to keep it simple. We taught him about the Book of Mormon and the restoration. He was baptized when he was younger so we taught him about the restoration of the priesthood (pappeus) and that seemed to go well. We are planning to teach him about the atonement next time.
It's fun and crazy and busy and I love it. So much to learn and you really see how important it is to use your time wisely. Thanks for preparing me to be a missionary even though you didn't know you were doing it. Love you, I hope you have a great week!!
The MTC is great. I am super busy ha now I understand what everyone is saying. The days seem like weeks and the weeks seem like days.
My companion is great her name is Sisar Bunting. She is from California so I guess I will have to add her to the list of people that are alright from California! We taught our first lesson in Finnish the second day we were here and will teach our 4th one tonight. It's a bit intimidating but it is fun. The language is slowly coming. I will definitely use all of the 9 weeks here!
I have a great district, we have 6 sisaret ja 3 vanhimat. They are a lot of fun and we all get along really well. They are hilarious and our district leader is great.
Have a great week! Rakasta sinua!
Sisar Heggie

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