Sunday, January 12, 2014

January 6, 2014

Terve Perhe!
Happy New Year!! Wow 2014 came fast. Crazy to think how time goes. Life is too good. Good to hear from you! We had a busy day today.  There is a member from our ward that left for America today so we told him bye and then went to lunch with a guy and his family that got baptized on saturday, then had some activities at the church and now I am here sending a quick email.

. . . . Yesterday was a way awesome day, met some great people. Contacted another referral this week and have plans to meet up with her and her member friend next week.  We went to talk to the family we took the Christmas card to but they are still gone on vacation.  We went to another ladies house that just had a baby to tell her congrats, turns out she knows a lady in our ward so we are planning to have FHE with them. We have a few less actives/part member families we are focusing on, a lot of which consist of moms and daughters so we were praying for ways we could reach them. What started out as a girls night/movie night idea turned into a way sweet fireside type activity. It was a cool experience to feel answers coming from Heavenly Father with very specific ways to help His children.

I thought of Moana and the activities she planned for us young women. I was blessed with great leaders and friends. Prayer is real.
 . . .

Oh and then I found fur for Trasie and Anbri. our next family photo is in the works.

Have a great week! the gospel is true, and it works. When you live it, you are happy. when you don't live it--you miss out on how happy you can be. Heavenly Father is waiting to bless us all and He leaves it up to our own agency to decide what blessing we want. I love you all
Sisar Heggie

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