Sunday, April 27, 2014

April 20, 2014

Hello family! I'm sending an early message this week because we are having transfers tomorrow. I am leaving Oulu and moving to Lappeenranta. (South eastish, close to the Russian border). Cool thing is my companion will be studying Russian! Wow. I was surprised to leave Oulu already, it feels like I just got here. I'm excited for another new adventure! 

I gave a talk in church today talking about the Savior's resurrection and what it means for us today. He overcame physical death for us all. We will all receive a perfect body someday and have the opportunity to stand before God to be judged by our works (Alma 11:44). Christ not only overcame physical but spiritual death, or sin, as well. He asks of us to use this gift of the atonement by exercising faith in him, repenting, going to baptism, and keeping our covenants. Too many feel that everything has already been done and there is nothing required of us. True, Christ paid the price in full. But now He sets the conditions and asks that we follow His example. No matter what stage we are at in life we can benefit by looking to the Savior and following His example. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! I'll add a few pictures from my last few days here in Oulu!

Love you!

Sisar Heggie
I will leave for Helsinki tomorrow (by train) and get there in the evening then stay the night and hop on another train Tuesday morning to Leppeenranta (LPR). Sisters haven't been there so we'll be "white washing" the area. Smaller city, i guess 30ish people every Sunday in church. I’m excited. I've heard it's really pretty.

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