Monday, April 14, 2014

April 7, 2014

What a great conference!!! What a blessing we have to be lead by men called of God, to teach us what the Lord would have us know TODAY. We had an amazing week. For the past 12 weeks we have been doing a mission fast (don't worry, we took turns;) ) The blessing we saw have strengthened my faith in the power of fasting. The Lord is truly on our right hand and on our left, going before our face.

Friday we were on our way to an appointment and we were a bit early so we decided to call a former and see if we could meet with him. After meeting with him we walked by a man and HE called US over, we started talking. He decided that there has to be some superior power and that science can't explain everything by itself, so he has started reading up on religion. We invited him to conference and he came and enjoyed it. We now have another appointment for next week. HE contacted US! What a blessing that we were early and felt prompted to meet with our former which led us in the end to that man. We played volleyball with one of our investigators and his friends this week.  We invited them all to come to conference but didn't get all of their numbers. We were at conference Saturday night when one of them showed up! We prayed that he would have a desire to come but didn't have any contact information. He came in response to an invitation and is now very curious about the gospel and really enjoyed conference. We have an appointment with him this week.

Another fasting miracle. We dropped by one of our investigators with some cookies because she said she had had a busy weekend. We weren't sure if she would be able to come to conference but we invited her anyway and 4 hours later we went with a member to pick her up and we all went to conference together. She had a great experience and met new friends and felt the Spirit.

Tras congrats on the scholarship! . . . . . Tell Kathy hello! good to hear she is still helping with softball.

Turns out dad that I think I did hear President Uchtdorf's story!...depending on which one you are talking about :) I still haven't seen the Sunday afternoon session. we watched the Saturday morning session live on Saturday night at 19.00 then Saturday afternoon session on Sunday afternoon then Sunday morning session again live at 19.00 Sunday night. Great conference! I thought of you a few times in Elder Bednar's talk about the pickup. and then getting stuck and needing a load to get traction. then again with Elder W Graig Zwick's talk about communication, he had some really good things! good that the sister missionaries were able to have some people at the church for conference! sounds like you had a good...meal :) hopefully you ate some popcorn for me, I wasn't able to find all the ingredients to make it :) tell Ty and Jaymie hello from me! have you been practicing roping together? The language is still coming along. I wouldn't consider myself fluent but I can talk to people and teach. I've learned that the spirit is very important. He makes up for what I can't say. But the language is fun. It's a process.  

Mom sounds like you are loving New Orleans? Maybe get a retirement home there? Luckily I think Finland is a lot more of a peaceful place :) but like you said, a lot of missionary work to be done! the amazing thing about that is it's like a room that is completely black. When a candle is lit, even though it's small, it is very recognizable and illuminates the whole room. we just need people willing to light the candle :) glad you are enjoying the conference but always nice to be home.

Thanks for the letters. I love you and can't wait to hear what you are learning from reading Preach My Gospel :) Have a great week!

Rakkaudella, sisar Heggie

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