Sunday, November 9, 2014

My new companion, Sisar Reynolds, and me! Kerava here we come!
November 3, 2014

fun to hear from grandma and grandpa. sounds like you all had an enjoyable time. i love family. just warms my heart hearing about the fun times. card games. food. mad gab. sounds like grandpa enjoyed it. cute cake :) 
you have more snow than i do :) 
. . . . .
Glad you got the picture. Way good lady. The members here are just taking us in!! I love it. Smaller than Espoo and slower paced. people are more likely to talk. always an adventure getting a new area figured out. lots and lots to do!
love you, have a great week :)
rakkaudella, sisar heggie

yep i got the letter just fine :)

the weather has been a little overcast the last couple of days, but no snow yet. we had daylight savings last week as well and it has been so weird, it gets dark pretty early. They celebrate halloween here only because of the american influence. it's not really a holliday here, but some of the members had a party at their house so we had a lesson with one of our friends then got to know a few new people. My new companion is Sisar Reynolds, she is from Milford and her mom just started teaching science, including ag this past year i believe and sounded like she was trying to get ffa going. it's a small world it was fun to hear our similarities. 

Our new area is Kerava, a smaller city about 25 k north eastish of helsinki. it has about 35,000 people. i really like it. people aren't as busy here. i visited kerava a couple of times and said that i wanted to live here if i had to move again. here i am :) and i love it. the members are amazing. they have just taken us in. the ward is smaller, about 110? 

Ii've decided to give matching a rest for now, so trasie better get her game on :) fun to hear that she was home again this weekend. ely is a good place. hopefully she is getting to know people at school as well!
i've been wondering about buck. haven't heard anything about him for awhile, how is his broken leg? good to hear he is still around. and that the herd is growing :) 
sounds like mom had a good trip back home. i imagine it would be pretty fun and i'm sure grandpa loved it. 
it's been a really good week. i could go without the daylight savings right now, it gets so dark at night! but we have met some great people and the adventure continues. i love being a missionary. i was just reading in the book of mormon when alma is talking with Korihor, and korihor is arguing that the church/gospel is putting people into bondage. alma responds asking why he would want to take away something that brings the people so much joy. it's how it works, we live God's commandments and he blesses us with joy, even amongst trials. thanks for you love and support. 
Dad it's good to hear from you. I am spoiled. thanks for your patience and wisdom and guidance. have a great week. love you:)
sisar heggie

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