Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014

Weird to hear that Teal and Miranda have reported. Have you talked to bishop at all about when he wants me to report? I was just thinking about that with me only being home on fast Sunday in January. Going to be a crazy transition :) Dad you traded Maverick? good horse. Sounds like you were busy with the scouts! Fun that Kaysie and Quinn went to the unlv game with some football kids. Maybe more fun that you and mom got to have Kambrie.

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It has been such a fun week!! We had 2 ward activities this week. During one of them we didn't have any investigators there and so my companion and I felt like we should take a Book of Mormon and go out. We left and started talking with people. One guy we talked to was super nice, but said it wouldn't matter to him to know if God existed or not(still don't understand that). Another person insured us she was NOT interested. Had some friendly conversations but nothing was really happening. When we were almost back to the church we ran into a guy whose friend is a member and he had visited church before but never had a Book of Mormon. We got to talk with him and give him one and we were grateful we were in the right place at the right time.

The other ward activity was a relief society activity. The members are amazing. It was a great activity and it was hilarious for one of the activities we designed dresses out of newspaper. One member is originally from Brazil and had a runway walk like a pro. My companion also got to be a model and they made her a nice...sunhat? that looked more like a ginormous sombrero. My companion and I sang a musical number. The whole activity was a lot of fun and it was good to get to know people.

The members here blow my mind. They are so dedicated and it's so motivating to hear their conversion stories. One member told his family he was joining the church and his son-in-law told him he would no longer be welcome in their home, and to have nothing to do with their daughter. The member couldn't deny what he had learned and respected his son-in-laws wish. I don't know what broke his heart more--not being in contact with his granddaughters or that his son-in-law was so hard hearted to the gospel. I have heard multiple conversion stories this week that just humble me.

Oh dad! Happy Father’s Day!! It was yesterday here. I told a couple dads happy father day on the street yesterday and I got the "thanks you too!" reply, as they were taken by surprise, and then they realized that that didn't make sense. Reminded me of the Bryan Regan "Have a nice flight" "You too!" comment.

This week I have been focusing on the message of the restoration. The more my testimony grows about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith, the easier it is for me to testify. I love Joseph Smith's record of his experiences and just strengthen my testimony that it actually happened. It should sound crazy, but it doesn't. It feels so right. So peaceful.

It's amazing how our daily study of the Book of Mormon becomes applicable every day. What we read in the morning will come to our minds at some point throughout the day.

I love the gospel. Thank you for your support. The church of Jesus Christ has been restored. We have a living prophet.

Love you all:) have a great week!

rakkaudella, Sisar Heggie

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