Tuesday, November 18, 2014

November 17, 2014

 . .  It's been surprisingly warm here, 1-2 degrees and the sun has even been shining a bit :) My sense of style has changed or something because Bertha isn't looking so bad. It hasn't been cold enough to wear it yet, but it probably will soon. I'll send a picture when the day comes :) 

My taste buds have even changed. I, of my own free will, made pancakes this week and enjoyed them. I also cooked with mushrooms and ate a sweet potato and loved it. I was telling my companion how they were all things I used to hate. She is learning also to like fish :) . . . . . . 

 . . . .

Keep up the good work with seminary. countless stories i hear, even here, about how seminary was a turning point.  

We had a zone conference this week with the area president and he talked about different ways to make our missionary work more effective. It was really good and he taught us a few things about contacting and teaching and finding. I was studying PMG this morning about "missionary work" in the covenants part and am still wondering how I missed so much of how missionary work is part of the covenants we make with Heavenly Father! As I read in the Book of Mormon I am always wondering when they added in all that stuff about missionary work, or how I missed it the first few times! We have a simple and powerful message to share through our example and testimony we bear. Alma is talking to his son in Alma 39:15-16 about this responsibility. Playing basketball and boating and volleyball and being with friend and eating good food is all fun but doesn't compare to the joy that I feel when I am teaching someone about our Savior Jesus Christ. 

We had FHE with one of our friends this week and it was so much fun. She said when she told her son that we were coming over that he was really excited. She said that he has met nice people before but was never that excited to have people over. She pointed out that he must feel the spirit around us. Such an awesome mom and family. 

The other day we were coming back from an appointment and it was a long walk back to the train station and I was praying for someone to talk to when we came around the corner and a cute older lady asked if we knew which way to the train station. We chatted and she has seen our temple her multiple times and heard how beautiful the inside was. We walked all the way back and she called us angels and said thank you and hopefully she will go to church in her city. cool experiences like that always reminding me that this is the Lord's work. 

Thank you for your love and prayers :) I love you all, have a great week!

Rakkaudella, Sisar Heggie

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