Tuesday, December 2, 2014

November 24, 2014

Happy thanksgiving!! I think this is the first ward I have served where there isn't at least one person is married to an American, so enjoy some pumpkin pie and homemade rolls for me! 
this week we were helping at the house with the family renovating. They have 3 little ones and when we got there they were tired and hungry. After working for a bit we came back for a message and it was hilarious to see the 180 difference that some good food made! They were happy and talkative and playing with us. I love getting to know new people. So many good people all over the world. 
We were teaching an object lesson this week using the "egg in a bottle" experiment that i thought i finally had figured out. well the lesson is supposed to end in the egg fitting in the bottle representing us being in God's presence. As the object lesson went, the eggs ended up getting destroyed and not fitting into the bottle so our object lesson wasn't as effective as hoped. but we learned some good things anyway and had a good laugh as they were excited that "Yes! half of me gets to be in God's presence!" well.....we're hoping for something more in real life! it's always good to laugh though. 
As we were teaching one of our friends she asked if we have actually received and answer that this is God's church. It was interesting because my companion and i were just talking about it the night before how members in other churches don't exactly follow something they don't believe to be good, but once you receive more light, or in other words-- receive an answer that the Book of Mormon is true and that God speaks to us today through a living prophet that leads Christ's restored church--you don't go back to less light. But it's light available to anyone who asks. I confidently replied that yes, I know that this is God's church. There are eternal consequences/blessings on the line here and that's why it can be incredibly frustrating to see people reject it. But also so sweet to see people experience the peace and joy from living by the principles that Christ teaches. 
I hope you all have a great thanksgiving week! I love you!! 
rakkaudella, sisar heggie

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