Sunday, December 8, 2013

December 2, 2013

It sounds like you all had a very eventful week! I do love good stories!! Even better when they involve flat tires! For some reason when I heard you were going to Brian and Annie’s for Thanksgiving I forgot the fact that they are actually half way across the country now, not just in Logan! haha and just to remind you American's that thanksgiving isn't exactly a Finnish holiday (I'm not sure how much they know about the Mayflower and the Indians teaching the pilgrims how to farm) but we did cook a dinner as a district and had some members over. We also lucked out with some thanksgiving leftovers at President's house when we had leadership meetings! Dad you are one lucky guy pulling favors from Santa like that! I want to see a picture of your 3 wheel trailer ;) Trasie sounds like she was really concerned sprawled out on the back seat. Glad you all made it home safe. That's a lot of miles! . . .

Trasie I am way proud of your planning skills with your twirp story! Way to be spontaneous and ambitious! Fun that you made shirts for his sisters as well. Way too good! If only you could all have had camouflage bear shirts...;)

I am doing fantastic. The weather is great; the Finns can't wait for it to snow. I still haven't decided. Had a great appointment last night. They are an awesome family, met a lot of their friends. Probably who I will spend Christmas with. . . .  reminds me of Mr. B. He is also a 5th grade teacher and bald.  Funny guy.  We have an appointment tonight with the family we met one of my first weeks here. They have 2 kids and I am very excited. Hopefully it goes well!

Dad what would a visit to Brian's be without some kind of project?!?! Always sure to be quality time.  Mom for thanksgiving Sister Mortensen (the couple missionaries here) made yams with apples. Reminded me of the one you do, it was really good! . . .

This past week I was able to go to the temple with sister kens for the last time before she goes home. This week she is gone for a few days to help with Training in Helsinki with President Rawlings so it is up to me and Sister Bunting to take care of Turku for a few days! It's a miracle to realize how capable we are and yet how young we are. The Lord truly does work miracles. We're looking forward to an exciting week! I hope you all have a great week, I love you.  Rakaudella, Sisar Heggie

                                 Sisars Heggie & Kunz, Helsinki Finland Temple
                                                               November 2013

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