Sunday, December 8, 2013

November 25, 2013
. . .Tras that s awesome that you got to share your testimony. Keep it up. Wow! big snow storm. It snowed a little bit but not much. It's getting slightly cold. Nothing to fear yet thankfully :) I did wear big bertha to take the trash out though. My companions got a kick out of that. We had a mix up with keys and library cards today so I am just going to write a short note before I hand the computer over. I'll try writing a bit more when we are at the church tonight. The scriptures are amazing. Maybe what is more amazing is the gift of the holy ghost which allows us to access the information that Heavenly Father wants us to have. Things are going awesome here. Can't wait to get the package(s)  :) I'll let you know when they get here. I love you all
Sisar Heggie
Sisar Chelsie Heggie, Turku Finland, November 2013

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