Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March 17, 2014

Who would guess? I found a bobcat in Finland! Bobcat at heart :)
How many miles does that make for a total this week?! You all are very busy! Be safe! Tras how did volleyball go? That is so exciting that they invited you to come practice with them! fun that you plan on going to prom with Jackson, hopefully that weekend works out! It should be a lot of fun! Did you find a dress? Pictures! Mom hopefully you survived another prom dress shopping trip... :D i know they are your favorite! I still have to laugh when i think of when we found mine senior year, pulling up to the address of the old lady who didn't actually sell dresses anymore. That was only after about 7 hours of shopping :) Thanks for being so patient!

 . . .. I just read President Monson's talk in priesthood session about home teaching and being a sincere friend. Fun to see how it really works! Sincere friendship and persistence. It did get cold again (what happened!) but you know what they say about opposition in all things! Makes me appreciate the warm days a little more! haha but NO I still haven't resorted to Bertha ;) Glad you are enjoying warm weather:) hopefully you get some rain!

Thank you for your love and prayers. It has been another great week. We had a Zone Meeting, probably one of the best ones I have had this far. Learned a lot about desire and working with members and the Atonement. The gospel lifts burdens and brightens lives. What a blessing it is to have a prophet who leads and guides us through specific trials of the world today and that he holds the keys of the priesthood ordinances that allow us to gain eternal life and be sealed as families together forever! Have a great week, I love you all :)

Sisar Heggie

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