Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March 3, 2014

decided to take cookies to our neighbors. decided to look more neighborly by going without coats and hats. decided that keys to the apartment weren't necessary. remembered that we had dinner in the oven and our phone was locked in the apartment along with our keys :) we ended up making good friends with the neighbors while we figured out how to get into our locked apartment :) best part about it all? all that time we were locked out and the pizza that was in the oven was still edible!

who would have thought i would find a nevada poster in finland?
sister mortensen (couple missionaries here) makes pillows for everyone's bday. i left turku before my bday so i got it early :)

finally made cafe rio!! in finland! DELICIOUS
one of our last days together we were searching for an adress and found ourselves in the middle of a forest. it's beautiful here
thanks for the vacuum pack bags, they work great!

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