Sunday, March 30, 2014

March 24, 2014

Another great week sounds like! I just got Anbri's birthday invitation in the mail! What a CUTE happy little girl! That was fun to see pictures of her :) Annie is a good mom glad the party went well! 10 steps already wow! Ha so Kambrie the new calf whisperer? Does it work better to crouch down to their eye level? Ha too cute. 10 missionaries! Wow! Ha wow! Good to hear that they are staying busy.  . . . . We sleep with the heat mostly off and the window open every night. I don't know if I have told you that the bedding is slightly different. everyone just uses duvet(sp) covers and no top sheet so there is nothing constraining your feet...The duvet covers were still wet after washing one night so I tried using just a top sheet again and was so claustrophobic! I have also been converted to wood floors. It's funny the little things I forget about.
 . .
 . . .  Graduation is right around the corner; that is weird to think about. Good luck finding a Prom dress! Ha I had to laugh that you gave up at 7 and went for a frosty. That's good :) I was laughing telling my companion stories of cutting your hair and trimming your eyebrows after cutting my own hair for the first time today. In Finnish I call you my koekaniinini ;) You are so loving and patient and kind. You are so open to learning, keep it up. Keep your mind open. I am printing your talk I just got the chance to glance through it. Sounds like a good talk from what I could see! And you didn't even pass out! Good for you! It really is an honor to be in a position to speak to such a large group of people. You are an amazing example to me and to everyone around you.
. . .
This week we met one of our friends and played volleyball. Later we invited him for a church tour. The time of the tour changed last minute and we weren't able to find a member to come with us on the tour. we weren't sure what to do but we did what we could and decided to meet him at the church and hope for a miracle that a member would be there that could come with and what do you know right inside the doors was a girl we have wanted to come with us on a teach but hasn't been sopiiva and she did so awesome! Sometimes I have to laugh at myself when I forget how much Heavenly Father is aware of his work. It's fun to see little miracles. I love studying the scriptures! I've been reading the New Testament and there is never enough time in the day to study! We have met some really fun people. We're excited to see where it goes. Thank you for your love and support! Have a great week!


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