Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March 3, 2014

It is amazing to see the power of the gospel. Our friend was just baptized this Saturday and his smile was contagious! We were both surprised at how much he was smiling. He is generally very quiet and reserved, so to see the smile plastered on his face was priceless. THAT is the reason of mission work. The gospel just makes us happy! I was reading in Acts this morning (ch 2 maybe?) when Peter was teaching about the gift of the Spirit and how it is available to everyone that will just listen and follow Christ. We never know who the Lord has prepared and how He is preparing them.

The atonement is an amazing power that is so far reaching. The Savior understands us, he understands all of us and therefore he knows how we can help one another. He waits for us to knock, and afterwards we receive.
. . .

Dad no I haven't had the opportunity of speaking in church yet. I won't hold my breath for too long though. I want to say the population is around 180,000? I just asked the lady next to me and she didn't know. Try google :) I'm in Oulu. There is a university here so lots of students. The ward is about 120 every week? It’s actually a branch, the north doesn't have a stake yet, but we're building it! And hey send me a picture in your shorts! I have no access to Facebook, I think it's safe.  :) have you heard anything from the man you gave the book of Mormon to? Kylie my roommate kylie sent me a picture of the new temple. She is from gilbert, she was pretty excited :) and I saw the Honduras temple on the Liahona. When did it get finished? Exciting :)

My companion is from Norway. I love her to pieces, she is great. Transfers---it was a 7 hour train ride from Turku I believe and I brought my bike with me. Wow I'm glad that letter didn't get lost in the abyss of the post office! Tender mercy is right! Glad that you got it to the right place, thank you :) . . . . . .Have fun at the games. The other night my companion and I were talking about parenting skills we appreciate about our parents and one of them that I brought up was how supportive you have always been. You traveled a lot of miles. Thank you. I still haven't really had to use bertha :) it's been the 1st or 2nd warmest winter that's been recorded in Finland. Boy am I lucky.
The gospel is true. Thank you for your love and prayers and support. Have a great week!

Sisar Heggie

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